The Partners network is formed by a dozen community organizations that support the homeless in defending their rights and offers services similar to, in whole or in part, the Clinique Droits Devant’s. This network wishes to offer greater services to marginalized people and to ensure a better defense of their rights.


Partners organizations are independent and responsible for their own operations. The Clinique Droits Devant offers them training, support and capacity building on social accompaniment in the legal sphere. The Partner will then, following the organization’s choices, help people understand their legal situation, know about their options to regularize through payment or compensatory work agreements, accompany them to the municipal court or to the courthouse, help them make a complaint in case of police abuse, etc.


The judiciarization of people who have lived are currently living or are at risk of living homelessness is a major problem affecting their lives. It is thus essential that community workers be proactive in order to support them with the tickets they receive. The Partner takes on that role and offers that help within her/his organization. Moreover, a Partner becomes a resource-person who can eventually train her/his colleagues on how to inform, support and accompany people in the legal sphere.


How can you become a Partner and be part of that network of a dozen other community organizations?


You can contact Astrid Decroix at the Clinique Droits Devant by phone at 514-303-2227. If you are interested, a partnership agreement can then be signed between the director of your organization and the Clinique Droits Devant’s. This agreement clarifies the roles and responsibilities of each partner and allows the Partner organization to choose the types of accompaniment and services it wishes to offer within their organization.


See the Partners contract 2016-2017