The Clinique Droits Devant helps, free of charge, people who have lived, are currently living or are at risk of living homelessness. It allows them to understand their legal situation and their options to regularize it, mainly regarding the tickets that were issued against them in Montreal.

Settlement of the legal situation

The judicialized person have different options concerning tickets or/and criminal accusations in Court.

At the Clinique Droits Devant, every option will be explained including the possibility of not doing anything. The community workers will explain the options, offer social accompaniment and moral support in the process. Among the several options offered to the judicialized person, you can find the possibility of:

  • – Doing nothing.
  • – Contest one or many tickets.
  • – Have a payment agreement or an agreement for compensatory work.
  • – Participate in a social program at Court, such as the PAJIC.
  • – To lift an arrest warrant in criminal matters.

Employees of the Clinique Droits Devant also offer social accompaniment and moral support regarding the judicial situation in other cities (for example, assistance can be held in calling and taking compensatory work agreement or payment adapted to individual financial situation).

The Clinique Droits Devant also works in partnership with community organisations, public services and judicial actors to assist judicialized persons. Our community workers often refer to organisations in housing, addiction support, legal representation, physical and mental health, etc.

Warning! The Clinique’s community workers are not lawyers and thus cannot give legal advice nor represent people in court.